Paddock services

Grass Cutting / Topping


This is a vital part of your grass management regime, as it reduces the length of your grass to a suitable grazing height. Often certain areas and grasses within your paddock will grow faster which will then turn sour and is left by livestock. Topping also helps in keeping down unwanted weeds and is usually carried out at 5cm/2.5”, this ensures that sweet new growth will only start growing from the finished topping height

Harrowing / Aerating


Harrowing is carried out from March to level uneven ground/mole hills and poached gateways, along with pulling out thatch (dead grass) and shallow rooted weeds. This in turn allows air into the soil, especially around compacted areas, and therefore stimulates new growth, and improves sward density.



Most pastures have areas that are well used and often require overseeding. This an important regular maintenance task, as any bare ground is ideal for weed penetration. Spring/Autumn are the best times to carry out this work. Once the ground has been prepared by harrowing, it can then be over-seeded, harrowed lightly and rolled, providing the best possible conditions for seed germination.

Lime and Fertiliser Applications


Before carrying out any fertiliser or lime application, we would provide a soil analysis test, this will help us to determine your paddocks nutrient  and PH levels. The ideal PH for permanent grassland being 6.5. We can then apply lime to increase potentially low PH/acid soils (only if necessary) and then determine the correct fertiliser requirements of  your paddock if required.

Fencing and Repairs


We can provide a full fencing and gateway installation and repairs service, or simply apply a fresh coat of paint/preservative to bring your existing fence/gate back to life.

Arena Maintenance


Whether your prized arena needs levelling on a regular, or on a one-off basis we are always happy to help.

Take control of overgrown grass and weeds. Call now to keep your paddocks healthy, neat and tidy.